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Shenzhen dispatch on August 13 afternoon, feed medicine how to do by Shenzhen city, politic深圳松岗沐足排行榜al situation of citizen of superintendency bureau of Shenzhen city market, Shenzhen is directive, party committee of hemp Chu community, house appoint can sponsor, shenzhen city agency is versed in association plans as a whole, party of hemp Chu community group service center assist the thing of small fact of the people’s l深圳罗湖环保技师微信群ivelihood that do – society of community food safety treats those深圳罗湖休闲会所排名 who build a project in all ” volunteer of safety of food of hemp Chu community is established groom lecture ” hold in activity of hemp Chu community, this second activity has 28 volunteers to attend. The spot grooms cent is 7 chunk content, in phase of food nutrition collocation, instructor applies prandial pagoda and volunteer to undertake interacting, open wonderful afternoon groom; When food choose and buy and note, the volunteer interacts actively with instructor, share oneself to clean alimental skill and method in the home; Solution level is broken in food rumor, 深圳休闲桑拿会所论坛the volunteer shares afraid false egg, sick pork to wait bring a disease, instructor also adopts the form that video, knowledge explains, let a volunteer put down a heart to come, instructor is shared, the false egg that the network circulates makes video, can hear actually see apparent chemical t磨棒是啥意思astes, and produce cost be in 4-5 piece / or so, but daily edibl深圳罗湖洗浴桑拿e egg sale 2-3 yuan / , the businessman also won’t do the business th深圳深圳外围联系微信678水疗会所消费at sustain losses in business, can be at ease so the egg that 深圳月畔湾桑拿推油edible buys daily. Instructor also says G深圳zj资源地址uangdong provincial capital approves every pig to undertake the disease detects to every, if have,detect give a disease to be able to undertake harmless processing in time. Volunteer of groomed ultimate all t深圳水会有什么项目hose present is in community is active of the volunteer guide below, earnest make a pledge, be willing to contribute a force for f南山不正规会所ood safety conduct propaganda. Carry this second activity, make the volunteer had certain knowledge to food safety project, and the method t深圳外围女微信号hat study detects to food 深圳松岗沐足吹箫safety, elevated the volunteer’s food safe consci深圳哪里水疗会所全套ousness, to detect follow-uply volunteer service lays service foundation.